Newly Merged and Converged Website Sept 2013

All of my websites are now merged into a simpler form.  Included in this web are my teaching in Academia, the 20+ years of Architectural Design, Yoga, Workshops and Events and Classes, Art and much more. Enjoy and Welcome to My World Journal of my Life!

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Workshop at New Renaissance Bookstore, 7th July 1-4pm

Ancient Medicinal Plants of Easter Island and Their Spiritual Essence

Sunday 7th of July, 2013

New  Renaissance Bookstore

Portland, Oregon

This workshop  will be  a great gift, an experimental workshop searching for the vital essence of plants  that no  longer  live on Easter Island  but were found as fossils in  the lake sediments of the crater lake Rano Kao.

In 2005  and 2008 Candace cored  the lakes  looking for  answers to What  Happened to the Trees?

She uncovered 33  plants that  existed over  the last  15,000 years  from the Last Glacial Maximum  until now including  the giant  palm forests which were  the largest palm on this planet. Unique,  each having their own DNA, breathing as an animal, these  trees were  the lungs of  the South Pacific.

Come hear the  story and participate in a unique healers experience of working with the plants  to  uncover their essence as medicine and the story that wants  to  be  told.

This is a new beginning to a change in the story of this planet to heal, rather than an island that has been used as the model for  human destruction. What we have uncovered most recently is a different story,  please come  share.

See the New  Renaissance Bookstore web  for  registration.


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Whale Watch Duty Today!

Whale Watch Duty Today!

Grey 1/2 breach off Neahkahnie Mtn. Lookout

The Grey Whales are migrating north, to the cold waters of Alaska to find food, the Mysid Shrimp that live in the kelp forests. Every year 18k whales now and growing, land in Baja during winter December thru January to live in the warm waters, mate and birth their calves.  When spring comes the hunger drives the greys to leave their warm homes and venture thousands of miles in the cold waters. Now the calendars tell us it is spring but it is still too cold for the mothers and calves, but i have seen a few juveniles frolicing in the waters

Ive had the pleasure of becoming a trained Whale Watcher and this year i get to spend a week on the coast spying whales passing by during 10-1pm each day.I started off the adventure at Cape Foulweather, Capt. Cook obviously stopped by on a stormy year, but the weather was perfectly sunny! My three days there i spotted 36 whales, breaching, spy jopping. fluking, being humped, rolling, pectoral fin waves and lots of “thare she blows”

Now i am at Neahkanie Mountain Lookout and as i calculated i think i saw some of the whales i saw yesterday at Foulweather, but they may have beat me up north as they Re travelling about 5mph, 7 on fast days.

I get very excited on watch and have been called the Eagle Eye as i find whales where others cannot see. Frustrating for them however to hear me call out just over the top of that tree, forward of the slackwater, there a blow, and another, oh a fluke and they never see it.

One more day tomorrow and the weather is holding. The sun is smiling on me! The greys are inspiring me and even though i dont know where my home is, i find it more and more in the big deep spaces like the ocean and with the comets.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico @ the TravelBug 5pm January 26, Sat. 2013


For more info:

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My Chitimacha roots…

Words from a Chitimacha Medicine Woman…. we made houses from the earth, plastered with moss, ate what grew around us, made our clothes just as the birds weave their nests. The greatest art of the Chitimacha is basket weaving.

Few people know little about the Chetimacha herbs and their uses. and most have a very dim view of what once was called Medicine Man. These men without science and study of drugs and ordinarily without preparation cured their sick many times as surely as the most skillful physicians could do. Eye sickness through herbs, pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, lock jaw, black widow spider bites, snake bites and many others. The Indians said the Great Spirit gave them the knowledge to cure and you do not charge for the work of the Great Spirit.

These practices were finally taken away from the Chitimacha in 1938 by the AMA. Jailed if anyone was treated. The medicine has gone to the grave with the elders.

So much of my work i have seen this same story, Conquest for land, white man brings disease and jails native medicine people for healing, slavery, collapse of community, assimilated into the big white pot. loss of tradition, knowledge about the earth, only to be replaced by artificial environments.

What kind of human do you want to be? We can chose.

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An Epic Ahhhhh Moment! <3


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YogaDurango Saturday Oct 13

~Metal~ is coming to Durango

Saturday October 13 from 9am-noon

check out more information on the Workshop tab

See you there!


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Today is Kijika’s 24th BD! Happy Happy Day

Thank you so much Ki for folding your wings when you came into this world,

8lbs 13oz at 11:03 pm. What a beautiful friend you are. You saved my life

and taught me about Love, forever grateful to you kiddo!

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Saturday Sept 22 6-8pm – Easter Island Presentation

Tomorrow evening, Saturday Sept 22, Autumnal Equinox 2012, Easter Island Presentation at 501 kathryn St., The Garage, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please come share the community, the adventure and lots of laughs and of course ALIENS!

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The Athleticism of a DCI member!

DCI= Drum Corps International, a powerful, nonprofit, global youth from age 13-21 activity, with far-reaching artistic, educational and organizational influence.

The Athlete

youtube video

This is Kickass! I truly believe what formed me as an athlete, my brain’s ability to play music and math on one side of the brain, the creativity and community on the other side, truly creates super excellent healthy creatures! I’m so glad i saw this video, i am reinspired by the beauty. This is the world i came from, and although i tried to mess it up every chance i could, i made it thru my world, entirely because of my band director and my body’s ability to become a warrior which fed my spirit to an incredible level!

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